Ferguson Police Chief Names Officer Involved in Michael Brown Shooting (Updates)

Ferguson, MO police Chief Thomas Jackson held a press conference moments ago.

Jackson took no questions, but did identify the officer involved in the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown as Darren Wilson.


Jackson said that Wilson has been on the Ferguson police force for six years, and has had no disciplinary actions taken against him during that time. He said that Wilson was treated for injuries sustained Saturday, but did not specify the nature of those injuries.

More: Jackson also released a packet of information, including an incident report for a strong-armed robbery shortly before Brown’s shooting, at about noon Saturday. The suspect was apparently stealing a box of Swisher Sweet cigars, and was identified as Brown. Officer Wilson was investigating that robbery. He stopped Brown. The shooting happened after that.

Update: Police also released security camera photos taken during the robbery. They alledgely show Brown pushing the clerk as he and Dorian Johnson rob the store. Johnson was walking with Brown when the altercation with police occurred. Now we learn that both he and Brown were suspects in a robbery.



Here is the police report from the robbery. A video is also expected to be released today.


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