ISIS Planned to Attack a Beer Brewery in Malaysia

This story puts to rest the question of whether ISIS has ambitions beyond Iraq. They do. Of course they do.

Perhaps the news that the Islamists planned to strike a brewery will finally stir President Beer Summit to take some serious action against them.


Danish brewer Carlsberg was on the target list of the Islamist militant group Isis, according to a report in the South China Morning Post.

The outlet reports that a Carlsberg facility in suburban Kuala Lumpur was among the attacks Isis planned to carry out in Malaysia.

The South China Morning Post reports that Isis, or the Islamic State (IS) as it is now known, has expanded into Malaysia and Indonesia, picking up local followers inspired by its declaration of an Islamic caliphate. At least 19 Malaysians suspected of being linked to the terror organization have been arrested this year.

“During questioning, they [the suspects] admitted one of their main objectives was to attack the government,” Ayub Khan, a senior official for Malaysia’s Special Branch Counter-Terrorism Division, told the South China Morning Post. “They also discussed planning attacks against a disco, pubs in Kuala Lumpur and a Carlsberg factory in Petaling Jaya.”


Why Carlsberg? Well, they’re Danish. Remember the whole “Taqiyya” business?

It was in Denmark that the Mohammed cartoons were published a few years back, leading to a global Muslim outrage and death threats against the paper’s editor and the cartoonists that continue to this day.

Jihadists don’t believe in freedom, and they never forget a grudge.

h/t Jihad Watch


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