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Cucinelli Blasts Senate Republicans' Re-Election Committee at the RedState Gathering

“Regardless of what the establishment wants, [the Senate Conservatives Fund] going to pursue principles … by backing candidates who believe in limiting the federal government giving power back to the people in this country”

Game On.

With that, former Virginia Attorney General and current Senate Conservatives Fund president Ken Cuccinelli informally kicked off the RedState Gathering in Fort Worth this morning. Cuccinelli delivered a shot across the bow speech, aimed at reminding attendees that they need to stick to their guns when assessing who they are going to support for the U.S. Senate.

Cuccinelli went on to draw stark comparisons between the work of the Senate Conservatives Fund, which he took over in June 2014, and the National Republican Senatorial Committee, the arm of the Senate Leadership charged with getting Republican senators elected.

“They [the NRSC] support power over ideology, plain and simple. We do not view other conservative groups as competition, we view them as allies. What is the NRSC? Not allies. Cuccinelli quoted NRSC Chariman {Jerry Moran} as saying “the NRSC is not the Republican Party, it supports incumbent senators to get re-elected.”

His comments are important coming on the heels of both the Mississippi and Kansas primaries, where long-time incumbent senators faced challengers – escaping defeat by razor-thin margins.

“They like to attack us conservatives. If you all hadn’t been here none of this would have happened, but they never mention all of their losers,” Cuccinelli said.

Despite focusing mainly on Senate races, Ken Cuccinnelli did address presidential politics. “Since 1968, 100% of Republican candidates for president who ran as conservatives … setting aside that some of them did not govern as conservatives but they held themselves out as conservatives … 100% of them won. 100% of the candidates who ran not as conservatives lost. And yet we will hear again how we have to elect some sponge of a mushy moderate [as the Republican nominee for President].” With cheers from the crowd, Cucinnelli added “That is not a path to victory! Is there anyone in this room happy with the performance of the Republican Party from 2001-2007?”

Addressing the size and scope of the Federal Government, Cuccinnelli said with cries of “Yes!” from the RedState Gathering audience that “conservatives understand the biggest threat to our nation and it is the threat our founders feared the most: the growth and size and the power of the federal government”

Red meat for the Red State audience … and a perfect set up to the speaker who followed him, Texas Governor Rick Perry.

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