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BREAKING: ISIS Captures 'Hundreds' of Yazidi Women (Updates)

No details yet, just this from the AP.


The first thing that comes to mind from this news is Boko Haram and its kidnapping of all those girls. It’s still holding most of them, but has reportedly forced some to become suicide bombers.

If anything, the scale of evil that ISIS represents eclipses that of even Boko Haram. ISIS has been beheading Iraqis, mainly Christians, by the scores in recent days, including beheading children.

The Obama administration’s response is far from adequate, and appears to be driven by the idea that “Whatever you do, don’t help anyone under attack from Islam.”

More: Fox adds some details.

The spokesman for Iraq’s human rights ministry says hundreds of women from the Yazidi religious minority have been taken captive by militants from the Islamic State group.

Kamil Amin says the women are below the age of 35 and some are being held in schools in Iraq’s second largest city, Mosul. He said the ministry learned of the captives from their families.

Update: Moqtada al-Sadr (remember him — “Mullah Atari?”) says he’s prepping his men to defend Baghdad from an ISIS offensive against the Iraqi capital.

NAJAF – One of Iraq’s most influential Shiite clerics, Moqtada Sadr, claimed Friday that jihadists were poised to attack Baghdad and he vowed to send his men to defend the capital.

“There are terrorist groups that have completed their preparations for a breakthrough into Baghdad,” the cleric said in a statement.

“We are ready to defend the city, we are ready to supply forces and coordinate with the authorities to face any scenario,” said Sadr, who announced the creation of the Saraya al-Salam (Peace Brigades) group in the aftermath of the jihadist offensive that began in June.

The force includes former fighters from his now dissolved Mahdi Army that fought US troops 10 years ago.

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