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Congressman: Illegal-Immigrant Minors Emptied Out of Fort Sill, Released to Questionable Sponsors

An Oklahoma congressman said the influx of illegal immigrants coming across the southern border has slowed with the summer heat, but the number of unaccompanied minors being held by the government is also dropping.

“How’s come it’s gone from 1,200, now it’s down to 190 children at Fort Sill? Well the answer is, the children are being released. And they are being released to sponsors who are in the country themselves illegally,” Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-Okla.) told Fox News. “It’s very difficult to understand who we are releasing these children to and certainly it’s impossible to do criminal background checks on people who are in this country illegally.”

“Certainly, the influx is down temporarily as this is a seasonal thing. The influx of illegal immigration goes down in the months of July and August because it is so hot,” he aded. “The coyotes don’t even transport children or adults in many cases in these temperatures. But I can tell you that the crisis will come back.”

The congressman said the Department of Health and Human Services has indicated that military bases will be available for housing the minors through Jan. 31. Even though the Fort Sill population has dropped, he said, the administration is reserving it “for further use when the temperature cools down. It’s available when they need it.”

Bridenstine said he thinks the poor communication with lawmakers and state governments — including when he was turned away from viewing a housing facility — stems from the administration’s concern “about controlling the message.”

“This administration, of course, is extremely concerned about controlling this message specifically because of the crisis that is the southern border and the horrific stories of these children and where, ultimately, the children are being released,” he said.

“…And we need to make sure that we’re doing the right thing by them. And certainly it appears that this administration is interested in one thing. And that is politics. And they inform us at the same time they send their press releases. “