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Hamas Violates 72-Hour Ceasefire After Just 90 Minutes

Overnight there was another humanitarian cease-fire between Israel and Hamas, and Hamas broke it with about 70.5 hours still on the clock.

A Hamas attack on IDF soldiers in southern Gaza, which occurred an hour and a half after the start of a humanitarian truce, ended with the suspected kidnapping of a soldier, the IDF said Friday.

Second Lt. Hadar Goldin, a 23-year-old Givati officer from Kfar Saba, was named as the IDF soldier presumed to be abducted by Hamas. His family has been notified.

Two other soldiers were killed during the incident.Their families have been notified.

Terrorists emerged from a tunnel shaft, and a suicide bomber detonated himself in the vicinity of soldiers. Heavy exchanges of fire ensued, before one of the IDF soldiers was kidnapped, a senior army source said.

If previous cases are any guide, Hamas will either trade Goldin for dozens to hundreds of its own jailed terrorists, or Hamas will murder him.

Hamas used one of the tunnels that it built with child labor to perpetrate this attack. The Israelis say that they have discovered 35 such tunnels, and have destroyed about half of them.

Some of the tunnels reportedly have entrances inside UN facilities, so American taxpayers paid indirectly for Hamas to build these tunnels in two ways — by paying aid to the Palestinians that gets diverted by Hamas, and by paying for the UN’s upkeep.

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