Preening Dopes are From Yglesias

At, Matt Yglesias has one job. He’s the editor. He’s supposed to make sure that whatever goes up on the “explanatory journalism” site, or at least the content that he directly touches, is accurate.


Let’s see how well he does that job.



Yeah, those aren’t provinces. The United Kingdom only has one of those, Northern Ireland, along with a couple of kingdoms, England and Scotland. What you’re looking at on that map above are England’s and Wales’ counties. Sort of. Since that map is based on 1881 data, the lines on it don’t always line up with the current county lines. I’d explain more than that if I understood it all, but frankly I don’t and neither does the BBC.

It takes all of about 90 seconds Googling about to figure out that those lines are or were county lines, not province borders. Editor Matt Yglesias couldn’t bestir himself to do that much before publishing, on the self-described “explanatory”

The site that sports this self-congratulatory graphic.



Well, his view is unique. So there’s that.


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