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Pelosi: Qatar Tells Me that 'Hamas Is a Humanitarian Organization' (Update: Pelosi's Hamas Connection)

The Democrats’ leader in the House wants to “have a discussion” over whether Hamas is a terrorist or a humanitarian organization.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi appeared on CNN Sunday and commented on the ongoing war in Gaza. While defending Israel’s right to defend itself and stating that the US must support Iron Dome, Pelosi also noted that many Palestinians live in her district, and “We have to support the Palestinians and what they need.” She also made a strange comment on the nature of Hamas.

“We have to confer with the Qataris,” Pelosi told CNN’s Candy Crowley, “who have told me over and over again that Hamas is a humanitarian organization.” She added her hope that the Qataris could use their “influence” over Hamas to “calm” the situation.

“The US thinks they’re [Hamas] a terrorist organization, though.” Crowley responded, then asked “Correct? Do you?”

Pelosi reluctantly managed to say “Mmhmm.”

Watch the video of Pelosi’s remarks.

Qatar, a US ally, also is one of a handful of countries that publicly supports Hamas with words and money. Israel has singled Qatar out as a state sponsor of Hamas terrorism. Qatar is also a longstanding supporter of the radical Muslim Brotherhood, of which Hamas is an offshoot.

Update: In May 2012, Pelosi had a secret fundraiser with Hamas-linked groups and figures.

The donors at the undisclosed May 16 event included Nihad Awad, the co-founder of the Council on American Islamic Relations, according to data provided by the nonpartisan Investigative Project on Terrorism.

The CAIR group was named an unindicted conspirator in a 2007 trial of a Hamas money-smuggling group.

A covertly-taken photograph provided by the IPT shows Pelosi standing near Awad at the fundraiser. Roughly 30 people attended the fundraiser, according to the IPT.

The cheapest tickets cost $5,000, and the most expensive were $30,800 per couple, according to the event invite from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which used the cash to fund Democratic candidates. (View the invite here)

The hosts of the event were DCCC chairman Rep. Steve Israel and two Muslim representatives, Rep. Keith Ellison and Rep. Andre Carson.