Obama Loses the Woman Who Thought His Election Would Relieve Her of All Her Earthly Concerns

In 2008, Peggy Joseph told America that now that Barack Obama was president, her life was destined to get a whole lot better. She would no longer have to worry about paying her bills.


Halfway into Obama’s second term, Joseph has learned quite a bit. She is appearing in a documentary called There’s No Place Like Utopia.

They don’t teach this fact in schools anymore, but the word “utopia” literally means “no place,” as in, it doesn’t exist. Sir Thomas More coined the term in the 16th Century to describe his ideal society. Millennials probably haven’t heard of Thomas More. He’s a dead white man. Public schools don’t talk about them anymore, except to denounce them.

More’s Utopia is a fairly scary place from a civil liberty point of view. Yet socialists, communists and progs keep trying to create it anyway.

And they’ve nearly succeeded.


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