Arizona Dem: GOP Trying to 'Drag That Bloody Flag of Amnesty' Into Border Crisis

A Democratic congressman accused Republicans of trying to “reinstitute the whole issue of fear” and “drag that bloody flag of amnesty” in the border crisis.


Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-Ariz.) told MSNBC that today President Obama will sit down with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus for the first time since the influx of illegal immigrants coming over the border reached crisis proportions and overwhelmed authorities.

“I really believe there is — the purpose of the meeting is now much more than original. Originally, it was to talk about our recommendations to the president that we had forward to him regarding what he can do with executive action to move forward on comprehensive immigration reform,” Grijalva said. “That will be discussed and that’s the vitally important issue that he has constitutional and legal authority to do.”

“The issue of the children at the border, the children that are — with us in this country right now and being taking care of, that issue and the supplemental that the president requested are tied together unfortunately,” he added. “And, you know, Republicans in the House and in the Senate are trying to milk this for as much of political advantage as they can.”

Grijalva said the GOP is attacking Obama for “imperial powers that he doesn’t follow the law,” then wants to change the 2008 law that allows illegal immigrants from non-contiguous countries special processing rights.


He added that Republicans aren’t paying attention to the problem of drug cartels in Central America “because it doesn’t play to tune that they’re playing out there.”

“They’re trying to rave up people, reinstitute the whole issue of fear, drag that bloody flag of amnesty, the border is not secure, there’s sorts of people coming over, and it’s a consequence, see what political advantage they get in the midterms and going it to 2016,” Grijalva said.

“I think the president needs to be firm, CHC, the Hispanic Caucus is going to be firm and protect these children because after all they’re children and there’s a moral and legal imperative that we do that.”


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