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Here's What Obama Is Doing Instead of Visiting the Crisis-Stricken Border

Branding. This president is all about the branding.

While the president goofs off, his official White House Twitter feed claims that he’s a hard-working stiff.


Between this and his conscious decision to avoid the disaster on the border, for which he is at least partly responsible, he’s basically daring Republicans to join Sarah Palin’s call to impeach him. “So sue me!” was yesterday’s taunt.

That would be a foolish thing to do. They should run against his policies and portray him as what he is — a slacker who doesn’t care about the damage that he is doing to the country. Run against Harry Reid, who has put the Senate in Obama’s back pocket. Running on impeaching him will blow up in the GOP’s faces.

Update: Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) is not amused by the president’s pool outing.

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