Former Secret Service Agent Blasts Obama's Playboy Attitude

Dan Bongino is a veteran of the United States Secret Service. He is currently running for Congress in Maryland.

On his Facebook page today, Bongino sharply criticizes President Barack Obama for showing a poor work ethic.


Bongino begins with a story about an incident that happened when he was still in the Secret Service.

About 14 years ago I was assigned to a protection operation in Toronto in support of a visit by Vice-President Cheney. We didn’t have a lot of down-time between the travel/walk-thru day and the visit and, as a result, I was extremely exhausted when the Vice-President arrived the next day.

Approximately 8 hours in to my 16-hour-plus day, a Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officer I was working with, seeing that I was tired, offered me a chair to sit in. I thanked him but turned down the chair and stood for the rest of the shift.

I didn’t turn down the chair because I didn’t want it, I turned down the chair because it looked bad. I was a Secret Service Agent and I wasn’t going to give off the impression of weakness to our cordial RCMP counterparts. I was proud of our agency and, although I have long since departed the Secret Service, I still am.

He says Obama, as President of the United States, ought to have enough pride to project a more work-oriented image, instead of allowing himself to be photographed playing pool and playing so much golf.

Golfing every weekend, taking multiple, extended vacations, attending fundraisers the day following our Ambassador’s murder in Benghazi, and fooling around in bars in Colorado taking pictures, such as the one attached, while our border is collapsing, Iraq is falling, our IRS is targeting innocent citizens, and our vets are dying on VA waiting lists, is an embarrassment to our county and to the citizens looking for answers to the tidal wave of crises going on right now.


Bongino finishes with a call for the president to lead.

It’s long past the time to lead and the President has nearly impeached himself. We do not have 2 more years to wait for him to take this job seriously. The people of the United Stated deserve better. Get serious, get out of the bar, and get down to the border.

Bongino accompanied the post with this photo. It’s an old pic from a previous Obama visit to Colorado. Times haven’t changed, Obama isn’t any more serious now. Instead of this, he’s playing pool.


One of the commenters notes that if the woman in the photo with the president was in kindergarten and made her hand look like a gun, as she is, and pointed it at someone, as she is, she would be suspended from school. Lucky for her…

Lucky for her the presidency is now largely the office of the Celebrity in Chief, and no one understands that better than Barack Obama and his close political advisers. That’s why he’s in the bar, that’s why he’s playing pool, that’s why he goes to Chipotle, that’s why he plays golf, that’s why he does so much of what he does.


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