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Cruz: Obama Neglects Border to Visit 'Democrat Fat Cats'

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz delivered a tough speech in the Senate today, taking President Obama to task both for the chaos on the border and for the president’s inattention to it.

Citing the president’s refusal to visit the border while he visits Dallas and Austin or fundraisers this week, Cruz said that the president is “visiting Democratic fat cats to collect checks” instead.

Prediction: Cruz haters, which includes many members of the allegedly fair press, will use Cruz’s remarks to turn the focus onto him rather than the truth of what he is saying.

The fact is, President Obama has visited both Colorado and Texas this week for the purpose of fundraising for the DNC. Democratic candidates in both states don’t want to be seen with him. He is hosting a high-dollar fundraiser with entertainment elites while he is in Texas. They will pay massive prices to see Obama, and they will write big checks to the Democratic Party. Meanwhile, the border mess is expected to keep getting worse.

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