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Texas Democrat Trey Martinez-Fischer Launches Racist Attack. Houston Chronicle Twists, Suggests Republican Is To Blame

Spot the problem in this headline at the Houston Chronicle:

Greg Abbott: Wendy Davis’ allies think Republicans are ‘gringos’ and ‘pendejos’

Greg Abbott, the GOP nominee for governor of Texas, is not the subject here, or shouldn’t be. His reaction to a racist comment ought not lead the story. What the Democrat said ought to be the subject.

What happened is this: Democrat State Rep. Trey Martinez-Fischer used his party convention speech to say that GOP stands for “gringos y ostros pendejos.” The Houston Chronicle’s reporter, Lauren McGaughy, doesn’t bother to translate that. It means “white people and other bastards (or idiots or assholes).”

If you want to take the comment out to its full meaning, Mr. Martinez-Fischer went full Uncle Tom on minority Republicans in Texas, of which there are many.


Classy, especially coming from a party that constantly harps on tolerance and elevating the discourse and all that. Insults and bizarre prayers constitute the Texas Democrats’ platform these days.

It’s obviously a racist slur, but Martinez-Fischer gets away with it because he has surgically attached a Hispanic surname, and because he’s a Democrat.

Let’s play “How would the Houston Chronicle have played this if a Republican had said it?”

We all know the answer to that. It would lead the paper for a week, minimum. Reporters would hound the offending Republican until he apologized. He might even be forced to deal with questions of whether he should resign or not. Every Republican in the entire state would get hounded about one dope’s comment. The media would join in and fret about how far Texas still needs to go, how our politics has to become more inclusive, how we must become more sensitive, and everything from gun control to border politics to oil and fracking would get tied up in one comment. One-party rule, the media would fret, surely must come to an end. The media would go all out, non-stop, creating more noise than a Texas tornado.

Instead, Lauren McGaughy of the Houston Chronicle spins the story back on the Republican nominee for reacting — giving the Democrat a full pass for going racist. The media in this state are nothing if not utterly predictable.