Barack Obama's Watching Mad Men, Rootin' for Peggy and Joan

Those tweets we published yesterday were all too real. They explain a lot.

You see, Barack Obama may be the President of the United States. But that doesn’t mean that he watches the news.


Do you see what he did there? The president who depends on low-information voters more than any previous president is telling his voters to go on ahead stewing in their lack of information. Don’t watch the news.

That’s convenient for him, with the polls turning against him and the networks climbing into the IRS scandal. Shorter Obama: “I’m news-stupid. You can be too!”

When he does watch TV news, Barack Obama learns about all the problems in his own government. That’s how he supposedly learned about the VA scandal. And the IRS scandal. And the scandal of his own Justice Department spying on the Associated Press. And Fast and Furious.

If Barack Obama was The Most Interesting Man In the World, the line might say “I don’t always watch the news, but when I do, I learn how bad a president I am.”

That’s not to say that this president doesn’t watch some TV. He let ABC’s George Stephanopoulos tweet out that pic of him watching the World Cup so he could present himself as just one of the folks.

He has bragged that he gets to watch Game of Thrones before you do.

And he’s a Mad Men guy too. But when he watches that, he’s a big pander bore.


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