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Will Clintons Be 'Dead Broke' Again Due to Book Fail?

I’m sure many of our readers have grown concerned in recent days that the disappointment that is Hillary Clinton’s latest book could mean that the former first couple soon could be “dead broke” again, like they were when they left the White House.


The heartache of knowing that Bill and Hillary Clinton would have to work very hard to keep paying for their houses, is something with which all Americans can identify.

Such compassion springs from the knowledge that Mrs. Clinton already received a publisher’s advance of some $14 million, but that first-week sales of “Hard Choices” fell far short of expectations, and then plummeted in the second week.

What if she has already spent the $14 million advance? How could she pay it back?

Fortunately, it’s the publisher who takes the risk in paying an advance to the author. No matter how much they paid the former secretary of State, Mrs. Clinton doesn’t have to pay it back.

Worry no more, my friends, but merely consider the $14 million as partial repayment for Mrs. Clinton’s extraordinary public service.

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