Activists Kicked Off Wendy Davis' Abortion Party with This Bizarre Prayer

State Sen. Wendy Davis held an abortion party Wednesday night to celebrate the one-year anniversary of her filibuster. Davis is the Democratic Party’s nominee for Texas governor.


It was an abortion party. They called it a “celebration” three times, as you will see shortly.

The state senator whose supporters yelled “Hail Satan!” during her filibuster led off their party with a prayer.

The partisan prayer does not mention abortion, the issue on which Davis filibustered to fame. It asks for “God,” described as “our father and our mother,” to bring out the Democratic vote. The unidentified prayer leader also admits that “all that we are is a gift from you.” The prayer leader engages in a little class warfare, asking for a state government in Texas that “must represent all the people of Texas, not just the rich, and well-connected.”


The prayer: “Let’s ask God to bless our celebration. Will you pray with me. God, you are our father, and our mother. Before we were, you are. And all that we are is a gift from you. As we begin our celebration, of the anniversary of the day that women in Texas said ‘No,’ to a state legislature that refuses to trust us, we thank you for giving us our voice, we thank you for the leadership of our candidates for governor and lieutenant governor. We thank you for the Senate colleagues who stood for us, and with Senator Davis that day, and we thank you for bringing us this far. We are not done. We have far to go. So now, we ask you to strengthen our resolve and our determination, to change the government of the state of Texas, with our votes for the Democratic nominees. We ask you to inspire every eligible voter in the state of Texas who believes that our state government must represent all the people Texas, not just the rich, and well-connected. [Applause.] Inspire them to vote. Inspire us to work for that vote. Bless our campaign to change the way government operates in Texas. Bless the people of Texas. And bless this celebration tonight. Amen and Amen.”


The law that Davis unsuccessfully filibustered against a year ago is supported by a majority of Texans, including a majority of women. It was co-sponsored by state Rep. Jodie Laubenberg in the state House, and state Sen. Donna Campbell in the Senate. Both are women. The latter is both a woman and an ER physician.

Davis trails Republican Greg Abbott in the polls, by about a dozen points.


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