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HOA Nazis Threaten Veteran's Home Over a Flag

Last time anyone checked, homeowner association rules do not trump state and federal law. A Florida state law says Americans can display flags on their homes. A federal law says the same thing.

But this veteran is still being threatened by his HOA for displaying a small American flag.

The Stars and Stripes are at the center of controversy. At least at Larry Murphree’s home.

“I want it to go away. It’s such a minor little thing and they keep coming after me,” he explained.

“They” is Murphree’s homeowner’s association. He’s lived in the Sweetwater community for years, and been at odds with the HOA for more than two. All over a flag. The veteran decided to put one in his flower pot, and has been fined as a result.

“They just sent me a letter that says I owe them around $8,000 and they put a foreclosure lien on my house,” he continued.

We reached out to the law office that reprsents the HOA and got attorney Michelle Haines. She tells me if payment is not made within 30 days, the law office can move forward with foreclosure on Murphree’s home.

There have to be some other issues here, right? The HOA can’t serious be going full Nazi over a flag that’s about the size of a piece of notebook paper? Really?

Exit question: What has happened to our country?