Democratic Congressman Compares IRS Scandal to Area 51, Obama Birth Certificate ... and Benghazi

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In Friday’s House Ways and Means Committee hearing about Lois Lerner’s missing emails, Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D-TX) compared the investigation to other famous conspiracy theories like Area 51, Obama’s birth certificate … and the murder of four Americans in Benghazi. He said it was not a serious investigation and wondered how IRS Commissioner Koskinen could take it seriously.


Well, that’s not completely true. Rep. Doggett thinks there is something very important worth investigating. “I believe this is a serious matter,” Doggett said. “The use of secret money is a problem enough. But the determination to have that money be taxpayer subsidized in social welfare organizations, in some cases headed by individuals who never had any interest in social welfare until they could claim it for themselves to pollute our democracy, that is a serious problem,” Doggett charged.

So it’s not the targeting of conservative groups or the missing emails and crashed hard drive or the cover-up at the IRS that Democrats are interested in investigating. Doggett and other Democrats on the committee actually want to continue to target conservative organizations.

Democrats were in lockstep during Friday’s hearing, calling the investigation a “witch hunt” and trying to turn Commissioner Koskinen into a victim who was being abused by Republicans on the Ways and Means Committee. Democrat after Democrat also referred to “dark money” that (apparently only) Republicans use to further their political causes through “social welfare groups” that receive tax breaks, with several of them referring to the trumped up investigation into Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s campaign.

But the Republican side of the investigation is nothing more the conspiracy theories, according to Doggett, and he’d rather go after the real villains (in his mind).


“I’m pleased you’re going to be coming forward with anything else that you can find because, though this is not a serious investigation, but the endless pursuit — the obsession with conspiracy and conspiracies — we do need to have every bit of information, every shred of information that you can find, even though the people I talk about in Texas who have legitimate issues before the IRS are collateral damage in the process,” Doggett said.  He then got to the heart of what the Democrats really want to look into during the course of this investigation: “But then I guess Mr. Rove and some of his colleagues never much cared about collateral damage in other contexts anyways.”


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