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FBI Nabs Two Jihad Recruits in Texas

The Daily Mail reports that the FBI has busted two Texas men who were intent on traveling overseas to engage in jihad. One of them wanted to join the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). That Islamist group is currently rampaging across Iraq, having taken over several key cities.

FBI counter terrorism agents have arrested two men in Texas following long running surveillance operations.

The men, Rahatul Ashikim Khan, and Michael Todd Wolfe are both expected to appear in court in Texas tomorrow. They face up to 15 years in prison if convicted of supporting terrorism.

The FBI said that Khan, 23, tried to recruit an FBI confidential human source to travel to Somalia to join al-Shabaab, while Wolfe, also 23, wanted to move to Syria to join ISIS.

Khan is a naturalized US citizen, from Bangladesh. Wolfe is natural born US citizen.

Woolfe [sic], who was born in Houston and his wife Jordan Nicole Furr wanted to move to a Muslim country with their two children.

Mrs Woolfe told an undercover FBI agent that she ‘wanted to support her husband’s goal of travelling to perform a violent form of jihad’.

Mrs Wolfe admitted they wanted to move to an area under sharia control.

Wolfe told a second undercover FBI agent that the hardest part of planning a jihad trip to Somalia and Syria ‘was finding the right contact’.

According to court documents: ‘Wolfe indicated that he had learned that al Qaeda in Syria was training brothers from other countries (foreign fighters) and then sending those fighters back from Syria to their home countries to conduct terror attacks.

Both live in central Texas. Wolfe resided in north Austin. Khan lived in nearby Round Rock. He is a student at the University of Texas.