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One Reason that Vox is the Most Clownish Site on the Entire Internet bills itself as “conversations” with “The smartest thinkers, the toughest questions.”

The tweens who run Vox published this.



The article spends a lot of words decrying a proposal to cut the IRS’ budget, to punish it for “losing” two years’ worth of emails of seven people who are at the center of the IRS targeting scandal. The whole article is a waste of pixels. You will be dumber after reading it.

The IRS scandal is not and never was about budget. It’s about weaponizing government against dissent and, apparently, spending a year covering your tracks. It’s about whether the most feared domestic agency in the US government has decided to become thought police along with tax collector.

This one article discredits the entire Vox site. It’s that dumb.

Bonus dumbness: The author of that paean to the IRS also wrote this silly piece praising the Soviet Union’s sacrifices in World War II. It’s all about how the USSR really deserves the credit for Hitler’s defeat. The conspiratorial tone of the headline is good for a laugh.

The successful 70-year campaign to convince people the USA and not the USSR beat Hitler

Whose campaign? The smartest thinkers don’t ask that tough question.