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Mexican Cartel Ties In Record Ohio Drug Bust?

Business expansion!

Sheriff’s detectives in rural northeast Ohio have made the county’s biggest drug seizure ever as part of an investigation that could have ties to Mexican drug cartels.

Investigators in Geauga County, east of Cleveland, raided a home in a secluded neighborhood in Newbury Township last week and seized 6 pounds of crystal methamphetamine, 2.2 pounds of black tar heroin, 100 pounds of marijuana and $128,000 in cash.

A sheriff’s department official says deputies arrested four people and that a number of loaded firearms were found during the raid. The official says it’s possible the ring had ties to Mexican drug cartels.

The official says it appears that some of the home’s occupants made regular trips back and forth to California.

Worry not, kids, Crazy Joe the Wonder Veep says this kind of stuff bolsters the economy.

The Democrats’ push for the horribly misnamed “immigration reform” is built entirely upon pretending that the violent drug cartel component of the ILLEGAL immigrant problem doesn’t exist. Their fairy tale says that the only people streaming across the border are plucky types who just want to make a living and the children.

This is the kind of problem that used to be unique to border states but has been allowed to expand and move because we have practically made it illegal to enforce immigration laws.