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Insanity: Vancouver to Allow Transgender Bathrooms in Schools

(h/t Blazing Cat Fur)

A preview of what’s to come here?

The Vancouver school board has voted to enact new guidelines and practices to support transgender students in schools.

Amid a deeply divided audience, trustees voted 7-2 Monday night in favour of the controversial amendments, with former NPA trustees Ken Denike and Sophia Woo in opposition.

“I’m extremely disappointed,” Denike told reporters after the vote, saying the process was compromised by a lack of consultation with some parents, particularly those who did not speak English.

Denike stressed his opposition did not stem from homophobia, noting he and Woo supported the original 2004 policy supporting LGBTQ students in schools.

The new amendments laid out details on how schools can improve inclusivity for students who identify as gender-variant or transgender.

The policy allows transgender students to be addressed by the name that corresponds with their own gender identity and allows them to use washrooms of their choice or, in sex-segregated activities such as physical education, to be included in the group in which they identify.

There is a vast difference between being tolerant and barking, “Inclusive!” as part of some ill-informed indoctrination. Strangely enough, I talked about this earlier today before I even read about this as a guest on this week’s Trifecta on PJTV. You will have to watch to see my less-than-charitable response to see how I would have handled this situation had it ever come up when my daughter was in grade school.

Canada has become a country that lives in perpetual fear of its Thought Police, even more so than what we are experiencing here.

But that fear WILL migrate south soon if we don’t push back.

Bottom line on this one: your school-aged children shouldn’t have to literally be exposed to the genitalia of the opposite sex in a school bathroom. How many kids are going to feel extremely uncomfortable about going to the restroom because the PC idiots have an overwhelming lust to pretend the smallest fractions of society are mainstream?

And what are the odds that this overreaching accommodation will actually create backlash, as so many misbegotten feel-good policies like this do?