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Is Chelsea Clinton Angling for a Career in Comedy? You Won't Believe What She Said About Her Philandering Father.

Chelsea Clinton delivered a Father’s Day message for some reason.

The video itself looks uncomfortably like a hostage video. The former First Daughter, whose father was caught in an affair with a White House intern and who was sued for sexual harassment, and who admitted an affair with Gennifer Flowers, says in her Father’s Day message that her father Bill Clinton always taught her “the importance of doing right. By our family, by the communities that I’ve chosen to be a part of. And ultimately, by the world.”

See for yourself.

Chelsea Clinton adds in the video that her father, who was accused of raping Juanita Broderick, taught her the importance of a “life of service.” The Clintons have become multi-millionaires by giving speeches at $200,000 apieace.

Chelsea Clinton is paid $600,000 per year by NBC News to, basically, do nothing. She worked at a hedge fund before that.