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White House Official: Susan Rice 'brings out the craziness in a certain crowd'

The Race Card: Don’t leave home without it. No good Democrat ever does!

Obama officials imply that it may be Rice who is owed an apology. “She sort of brings out this craziness in a certain crowd,” says one Administration official. “If something is taken a half-notch out of context, it’s calls for her resignation and vicious ad hominem attacks against her.”

“I’m not here to suggest it’s because she’s a woman or a minority or what it is,” the official continues. “But other principals in the national-security team don’t come under this kind of attack.”


I’m not gonna play the race card, but here’s the race card. Along with the gender card too — a flush!

Susan Rice brings out criticism from people who don’t like being lied to, and who don’t like it when she defines honor down. Crazy, right?

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