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Rolling Stones Ignore Pink Floyd's Plea To Avoid Israel Because They're The Rolling Stones, Thank You

Pink Who?

Pink Floyd can’t always get what it wants.

The Rolling Stones got Tel Aviv rocking Wednesday night during the band’s scheduled tour stop, ignoring Pink Floyd’s request that they cancel the concert amid what that band described as “global struggle for Palestinian freedom and equal rights.”

Front man Mick Jagger and bandmates — who began the show with “Start Me Up” — join a growing list of big-name acts who added Israel as part of their recent tours, including Justin Timberlake and Rihanna, despite efforts encouraging them to boycott performing there.


It’s good to see this stupid, hippie academic fueled BDS movement failing on so many fronts. Once it got some recognition and people started learning more its efforts to completely pollute American college campuses began to falter.

As for the entertainment angle here, if the Stones are there and Pink Floyd isn’t…Israel wins.

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