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Wait, $15/Hour Won't Get People Into The 1%?!?

Really dumb headline:

$15 minimum wage permits few luxuries in US cities

A $15 minimum wage like the one adopted in Seattle doesn’t buy many luxuries in most American cities.

Lattes, theater tickets and cable television will still be out of reach for most minimum-wage workers. But about $31,000 a year should be enough to pay the average rent for a shared one-bedroom apartment, plus utilities, health insurance, groceries and an inexpensive cellphone plan.


So what they’ve accomplished is creating a wage that adults who want to share one bedroom can barely survive on. An annual wage that will only be available until businesses fold or cut back on staff because of the extra cost. The ones that haven’t cut back on hours because of Obamacare, that is.

The progressive inability to understand math is going to ruin us all.

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