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Revelations in Bergdahl Fiasco Just Keep Piling Out

If the “piling out” phrase in the title suggests what happens after a car full of clowns pulls up, well, that’s sort of what we have in the Obama administration. A bunch of clowns, or fools, all collected tightly in one place. Team Obama expected “euphoria” over Bergdahl’s re-capture. They’re not getting that, at all.


Army Times reports that according to sources familiar with Bergdahl’s record in Afghanistan, he strolled away from base without permission more than once.

Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl intentionally sneaked away from his forward operating base in Afghanistan just before he disappeared in 2009, and that may not have been the first time he left the post without permission, according to officials familiar with the military’s internal investigation.

“We have no indication that he intended to leave permanently,” one government official familiar with the probe told Military Times. Several soldiers in Bergdahl’s unit told investigators that Bergdahl had previously talked about a desire to leave the base unaccompanied and may have done so and returned unharmed at least once before the night he disappeared, the official said.

This raises all kinds of questions, most importantly, what was he doing during those strolls? Was he just taking constitutionals, or was he seeking out the enemy, or something else?

TIME reports that the Obama White House overrode pretty much everyone else’s objections to what it was doing to get Bergdahl back.

To pull off the prisoner swap of five Taliban leaders for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the White House overrode an existing interagency process charged with debating the transfer of Guantanamo Bay prisoners and dismissed long-standing Pentagon and intelligence community concerns based on Top Secret intelligence about the dangers of releasing the five men, sources familiar with the debate tell TIME.

National Security Council officials at the White House decline to describe the work of the ad hoc process they established to trade the prisoners, or to detail the measures they have taken to limit the threat the Taliban officials may pose. They say consensus on the plan was reached by the top officials of Obama’s national security team, including representatives from the Pentagon, State Department, intelligence community and Joint Chiefs of Staff. “These releases were worked extensively through deputies and principals,” says National Security Counsel Deputy for Strategic Communications Ben Rhodes. “There was not a dissent on moving forward with this plan.”

But officials in the Pentagon and intelligence communities had successfully fought off release of the five men in the past, officials tell Time. “This was out of the norm,” says one official familiar with the debate over the dangers of releasing the five Taliban officials. “There was never the conversation.” Obama’s move was an ultimate victory for those at the White House and the State Department who had previously argued the military should “suck it up and salute,” says the official familiar with the debate.


“…suck it up and salute…” What an attitude.

In overriding objections, POTUS may have overridden more laws than we’re all discussing. It’s against the law to negotiate with terrorists — the administration did that. It’s against the law to not notify Congress 30 days before releasing terrorists from Gitmo — that notification didn’t happen. The president released five hardcore Taliban terrorist commanders. That, according to Judge Andrew Napolitano, amounts to providing material support to terrorist groups. That’s a crime, too.

And then, there’s the Bergdahl family. This activist, Carol Anne Grayson, claims to be close to Robert Bergdahl, close enough that she gets quotes directly from him about his son’s situation. Check out this quote, from April.

The most recent effort to work towards his release was communication on the 25th April in the form of a series of questions from myself forwarded by a senior and well respected Taliban commander (who cannot be named for security reasons) to those holding Bowe. I was informed that there were no guarantees however he was hoping for a response by courier.

On the same day I received word from Robert stating “we go to Washington DC all next week for briefings. Prayers and Pashtunwali are our only hope for BB’s survival… Insha Allah! Thank you for all your informative work! Only God knows how this will end.”


“Insha Allah!” The Muslim greeting/salutation.

Now the Pentagon says that Bergdahl is too “fragile” to be interrogated about his actions. More like, Obama’s and the Democrats’ election prospects are too fragile to allow the truth to come out anytime soon.

Team Obama is going to need another massive scandal to distract everyone from this one.


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