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Did the Left's New Communist Economics Hero Fake His Data?

Oops. Also, Communists lie.

Thomas Piketty’s book, ‘Capital in the Twenty-First Century’, has been the publishing sensation of the year. Its thesis of rising inequality tapped into the zeitgeist and electrified the post-financial crisis public policy debate.

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But, according to a Financial Times investigation, the rock-star French economist appears to have got his sums wrong.

The data underpinning Professor Piketty’s 577-page tome, which has dominated best-seller lists in recent weeks, contain a series of errors that skew his findings. The FT found mistakes and unexplained entries in his spreadsheets, similar to those which last year undermined the work on public debt and growth of Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff.


Read the rest over at the Financial Times. Picketty’s soft-Communist work has set pretty much the entire Democrat commentariat afire this year. So watch them retreat to some version of the fake-but-accurate meme since he has been exposed.

Because, Communists lie.

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