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#LikeABoss: Democrats' Ridiculous Bossy Bumper Sticker Just Begs to be Photoshopped (Ted Cruz 'Shops Obama)

Wait, isn’t “boss” a bad word? The DNC didn’t get the memo.

Barack Obama responded to the VA scandal by talking a lot, and then doing nothing.


Today, the Democratic Party’s official twitter feed zoomed off straight into insanity.

Bosses fire incompetent people. Bosses fire subordinates who turn out to be corrupt. Barack Obama rewards such people. The fact that Eric Shinseki still has a job, and the fact that Kathleen Sebelius survived the awful Obamacare rollout, proves that Barack Obama is anything but a boss. As president, he is a loss. Here’s the bumper sticker graphic. like-a-boss Ben Howe is ahead of the game.




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Update: The NRCC gets real.








President Mom Jeans.


Update: Jennifer J –



Marc S:






Glenn Reynolds likes this one:

Sen. Ted Cruz ‘shops the president.

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