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Watch This Democrat Rep. DESTROY Obama Over the VA Scandal

Rep. David Scott (D-GA) probably won’t get an invitation for coffee at the White House anytime soon. The Democrat took to the floor of the House and reacted to President Obama’s statement on the Veterans Administration scandal Wednesday.


Scott begins by calling for Obama to fire Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki. Scott fumbles over the name,  partly out of rage. Shinkseki is a veteran but he really hasn’t done anything at the VA to earn the praise that President Obama heaped on him Wednesday. Scott notes that in his local VA hospital, four veterans are known to have committed suicide while waiting on treatment. Scott says that officials there covered it up, and told him “a damn lie.”

The scandal has now spread to about 56 hospitals.

Scott rips Obama: “There was no urgency! Mr. President we need urgency! We need you to roll up our sleeves and get into these hospitals!”

And Rep. Scott was just getting warmed up. See the video on the next page.

The president’s statement has been nearly universally panned. Other than the juicebox kids at Vox, who seem to think a veteran is where you take your cat when it gets sick, no one is really buying Obama’s latest “I’m so mad” act.

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