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Is Hillary Clinton the World's Biggest Blunderer?

Ever since she emerged on the US national political scene, the mainstream media and Hollywood have treated Hillary Clinton as if she’s the be all end all of womanhood. That she is the world’s smartest woman. That her ascension to the ultimate seat of power, the presidency of the United States, was nothing less than inevitable.

We’re hearing it again now — that Hillary Clinton is a shoo-in for the presidency in 2016. She’s unbeatable. No Democrat stands a chance against her if she decides to run. The Republicans shouldn’t even bother to field a candidate.

Of course, they were all saying the same things about Clinton in 2007. She became quite evitable when Barack Obama came out of nowhere to steal her birthright with grins, celebrity and empty speeches.

Clinton will probably prove to be just as not-invincible in 2016. For all the hype that the media builds around her, Hillary Clinton is probably the most over-rated politician on the planet.

Not only is Hillary Clinton not an inspiring candidate, with no compelling backstory to fuel her run. Not only is Hillary Clinton a lousy stump speaker whose cadence and style careen between the wooden and the clownish. Not only did she prove to be a terrible campaign manager in 2007-08, elevating incompetent loyalists to positions of power when seasoned professionals were needed. Not only is Hillary Clinton all of that. Not only does Hillary Clinton have horrible taste in fashion (pantsuits…really?) She’s a lousy, blundering oaf when it comes to policy.

Hillary Clinton’s political career is filled with major, damaging mistakes.

The most current example of Hillary’s follies is Boko Haram. That terrorist group is currently holding about 220 girls hostage in Nigeria, and is almost surely doing unspeakable things to its captives. This morning broke with news that the Islamic terrorists are planning to use the girls as bargaining chips to get hundreds of its own jihadists released from prisons in Nigeria and probably elsewhere. Islamist groups across the world have been angling for a way to get the blind sheikh, the Santa-hatted mastermind of the 1993 World Trade Center terrorist attack, released from prison in the United States. In fact, getting him released motivated the attacks on September 11, 2012, including the one in Benghazi, Libya, that Hillary Clinton later blamed on a YouTube movie.

It would not be a shock at all if Boko Haram demands the blind sheikh’s release in exchange for letting one or more of the captive girls go. If that happens, what do the #BringBackOurGirls brigades do?

Hillary Clinton’s role in all this?

Well, first, she appears to have started the sad-faced hashtag campaign that raised awareness of the girls’ plight but has in fact done frack all to actually win their freedom. What the tweet campaign did do, probably, is alert Boko Haram enough to split the captives up and make it all but impossible for any special forces to go get them without risking a bloodbath.

Worse than that, though, Hillary Clinton had the chance to help nip the Boko Haram problem in the bud to some extent. When Hillary reigned as secretary of State, she had the chance to label Boko Haram a terrorist group. Law enforcement including the FBI even pleaded with her to do that. She refused.

Slapping the terrorist group label on Boko Haram would not have destroyed them, of course. It takes drones and bombs and the occasional boots on the ground to do that. But it would have harmed the group’s ability to collect funds from sources in the United States and around the world. It would have empowered Interpol and other law enforcement agencies to pick up members of the group traveling internationally. It would have cut off some of their funds traipsing around the Islamist funding networks. It would have made it easier to go after them, and it would have made it harder for them to operate. Plus, it would have sent a strong signal that Boko Haram are personas non grata.

Hillary refused. Boko Haram kept on going, kept on killing, and is now subjected to a withering barrage of frowns and tweets.

So Hillary goofed on Boko Haram. Everybody makes mistakes, right?

Yeah, well, among Hillary’s mistakes has to be Benghazi and, before that, Libya in general.

It was Hillary Clinton who argued, as the nation’s top diplomat, that it was in America’s interests to help a rabble composed of five or ten Democrats and thousands of hard-boiled jihadists to topple a nasty but tamed despot in Libya. Hillary Clinton wanted to help the jihadists win, but not so much that America had any serious influence on Libya’s future after Gaddafi’s defeat. “No boots on the ground” was the word. Well, no boots on the ground means no role in the future.

Instead, Hillary would insert an ambassador, her friend Chris Stevens, and leave him mostly unprotected, unless you count hiring a bunch of sell-sword Islamists to run a thin cordon around the rented and unsecured house that became the US consulate/facility/whatever it was. Gun depot? What was that thing, anyway? Surely, Hillary knows but so far she ain’t saying.

Neither is Christopher Stevens, because he’s dead, thanks to Hillary’s decisions to not beef up security at whatever the Benghazi facility was.

She blamed his death on YouTube, as I might have mentioned before.

So, in big decisions in foreign policy, Hillary Clinton has played a more than cameo role in getting people kidnapped and killed, and may have set up a terrorist group to grab its Holy Grail, if it uses the kidnapped girls to get the blind sheikh sprung from jail. Not a good record.

Clinton didn’t even start off her political career on a winning note. Any millennials reading this may not know much about this because you were fortunate enough to not have to live through it, but Hillary Clinton burst into the symbiotic presidency with her wayward husband with an attempt to foist a national healthcare system onto an unwilling nation. She behaved like a foreign operative, holding meetings in secret with political wags and insurance bigwigs while trying to convince America, with her icy smile, that she was only doing what was best for us.

America somehow wasn’t convinced. Hillary failed to charm us with her reptilian glare and glass-cutting voice. HillaryCare, the ObamaCare forerunner, died an ignominious death and the Democrats’ pet cause and pet crisis festered until the Lightworker had to descend to earth and free us all from the freedom of making our own healthcare decisions. Hillary’s first foray into national policy burned to the ground, much like the compound in Benghazi would a couple decades later.

None of this is the result of the “brain damage” Karl Rove keeps slyly bringing up. It’s all the result of Hillary Clinton being an over-rated hack who tends to get in over her head and then blunders her way out.

Heck, even Hillary Clinton herself can’t quite figure out what she has accomplished in life. The smartest woman in the world can’t even make the case for herself, after all these years.

And I haven’t even brought up the whole “reset” with Russia. How’s that going? Oh, right, it’s heading us all into World War III.

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