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Democrats' Ridiculous Koch Obsession Reaches Whole New Level

Whatever brain virus has gripped Harry Reid has now spread to other Democrats. They’re blaming the Koch brothers for anything and everything they can think of.

Here’s Al Gore, blaming the Koch brothers for opposition to his extreme global warming agenda. That’s Obama handler David Axelrod, nodding along with Gore.

Speaking for myself, I thought Al Gore was a free-range loon long before I’d ever heard of the Koch brothers.

Next up, here’s socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders blaming the Koch brothers for — I’m not making this up — the Veterans Administration scandal.

Speaking as a veteran, one thing you can always count on, in Republican and Democrat administrations, is that the VA is a poorly run mess. The current VA scandal is worse than most previous scandals. It might reflect on Gen. Shinseki’s lack of leadership (he wasn’t a particularly good general when he was on active duty imho), and it might also reflect on Barack Obama, since he put Shinseki atop the VA and hasn’t axed him after the scandal broke.

But it doesn’t reflect anything on the Koch brothers.

Unless, of course, you’re crazy.