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VIDEO: Al Sharpton Gets Jiddy, Suffers from Whobrees, and Earns Multiple Purple Hearts In His War Against the English Language

Once you’ve watched this, just go ahead and put on the sackcloth. Because if you laugh, even once, well you’re just a racist.

Racist. Denounce yourself.


Ace, despite his racism or maybe because of it, makes a couple of good points about the racist clip above.

1. He does not write or even review his scripts before he films the show. If he did either of those things, he’d know how to pronounce some of these words, and they wouldn’t sneak up on him like crafty hobgoblins.

Like, in the production meeting Sharpton would see the script and he’d turn to a producer and say “How do you say this word — h-u-b-r-i-s?” And they would tell him. On-air embarrassment prevented.

But Sharpton would have to attend his pre-show prep to know to ask that question. Obviously he doesn’t. Perhaps he’s too busy making a quarter mill heading up his “Christian activist organization” to do his network show-prep.

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