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Christy Anastas Gives Three Examples of How Palestinian Sharia Negates The Freedom of Non-Muslims & Women

At PJ Media (4/29/14) I discussed John Kerry;s mental and moral cretinism vis-à-vis his “apartheid” calumny against Israel last Friday, while blithely ignoring the Sharia-based religious apartheid of the Hamas and/or Fatah-controlled areas of Gaza and Judea-Samara.

Below are three clips from a remarkable lecture by 24- (not 26-) year old Christy Anastas on how basic freedoms for non-Muslims and women are crushed by the Sharia, enshrined under Hamas/Fatah governance.

~ 3 minutes of clips showing: 

  • The forced payment of the Koranic poll-tax (per verse 9:29), or jizya (i.e., from the etymology of the word, per Edward Lane, the great 19th century Arabic-English lexicographer, “the tax paid in lieu of being slain”). Anastas explains, “if you are a non-Muslim, a Jew or a Christian, you have to pay protection money” (to those she aptly terms, “mafia”)…”My uncle had to pay this protection money.” Her uncle stopped making his jizya payments, whereupon he was accused of being a “traitor,” imprisoned, and then executed, right in front of his own home. 
  • The grotesque violations of women’s rights (Anastas proclaims, “women don’t have rights there [in Fatah-Hamas controlled areas];” “women are treated as possessions there”), resulting from application of the Sharia, including legally sanctioned polygamy and honor killings. 
  • The sheer absence of freedom of speech—another hallmark of the Sharia: “Israel doesn’t threaten to kill us (Christians) for sharing our views, Palestinians do!”