MSM Loves To Pretend That The Palestinians Are Reasonable

The headline:

Palestinians say they don’t want Kerry to fail

In what would have been more accurate but too long for a headline it should have read, “but if we don’t get everything we want you’re all screwed.”


(emphasis added)

“We signed 15 (conventions), but there are still 48 treaties, conventions and agencies that we have not signed yet,” he told journalists. “If the Israelis release the 30 prisoners, we are committed not to join these agencies, treaties and conventions, but if they (the Israelis) don’t, we have a free hand.”

“We don’t have anything to lose,” Erekat said

Meanwhile, the Easter Island Head seems to be just now becoming aware that these people really don’t get along.

Kerry said the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks cannot continue to occupy so much of his time if Israelis and Palestinians are unable to take even minor steps toward making the negotiations successful.

John Kerry couldn’t tear off a piece of paper towel without screwing it up, he certainly shouldn’t be in charge of negotiations between two entities as fractious as these and with so much at stake.

Scratch that…he’s a professional trophy husband and he shouldn’t be in charge of anything.


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