GOP Security Stalwart Rogers Leaving Congress For Radio

Can you blame him?

Rep. Mike Rogers, the brash-talking Republican security hawk who has criticized the Obama administration yet commanded uncommon bipartisan support as chairman of the House intelligence committee, said Friday he was retiring from Congress next year.

The 50-year-old from Michigan made the surprising announcement in a radio interview, saying he’d leave Washington when his seventh term expires to begin a career in broadcasting. Rogers’ departure comes despite a sharp climb in his national profile, as he considered a Senate run and his name was floated as a possible candidate for FBI director. He has been among the GOP’s best fundraisers.

Rogers vowed in a statement to continue championing stronger national security strategy, a regular motif for one of Congress’ loudest proponents of a more muscular approach for U.S. action around the world.


It is refreshing to see a member of Congress from the state that gave us the almost never-ending tenures of John Dingell and Carl Levin opt to exit politics before all of his arteries harden. Capitol Hill would be a far more functional (and representative) place if more politicians did the same.


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