Wendy Davis' Equal Pay Gambit Becomes Her Waterloo

Protip: If you’re going to pick a political fight, game out where it might lead before firing your first salvo. If you don’t, you might end up like Wendy Davis.


Lately, the Democrat gubernatorial hopeless has been attacking the GOP nominee, Attorney General Greg Abbott, on “equal pay” laws. President Obama signed a federal one, but Davis is trying to force Abbott into supporting a state one. The media here haven’t bothered to ask Davis if she now thinks Obama’s is inadequate, or really, if such a law is even needed.

But it turns out that Davis does not practice what she preaches on equal pay.


RedStateWomen.com issued the following the statement:

“RSW believes it’s important to walk the walk, if you’re going to talk the talk. Public information made accessible via the Texas Tribune Website, reveals Sen. Davis has failed to address the wage gap in her own back yard-The Texas Senate. In three significant categories, Republicans lead Democrats in closing the wage gap, hiring a greater number of females to run their office, and compensating them at a higher level than their Democrat counterparts. This is a stereotypical case of actions speaking louder than words.” -Cari Chistman, Executive Director, Red State Women 

The Democrats in the Texas Senate pay their female counterparts A LOT less than their male ones. In fact, as you can see below, Wendy Davis paid her female Chief of Staff a third less than her current male one.


The data is at the link.

It reveals three things: The Democrats are hypocrites, and phonies, and Wendy Davis remains an amateur.

Until the next dishonest, scurrilous Democrat attack…


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