NY O-Care Exchange Accidentally Reveals Applicants' Email Addresses

(h/t The Mental Recession)


Some applicants to the New York health insurance exchange saw their email addresses revealed this week in a message reminding them of a March 31 enrollment deadline.

The automated email sent by the exchange on Monday went to New York residents who completed an online application process but hadn’t yet enrolled in insurance coverage. The message didn’t make use of the blind carbon copy feature, allowing recipients of the email to see the addresses of others who received it.

It wasn’t clear Wednesday how widespread the apparent privacy breach was.


The New York Department of Health tried to downplay things by saying that the email addresses were the only things revealed, which really just compounds the egregiousness of the error and reinforces that it probably wasn’t an accident because they really are that stupid.

Let it soak in-the people who can’t master the art of the blind carbon copy in email want to make health decisions for you and your loved ones.

Three more years.


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