Wendy Davis' Campaign Unsure of Which Voters Will Elect the Next Governor of Texas

Texas GOP governor nominee Greg Abbott launched a website that’s aimed at attracting Texas Latinos to vote for him this fall. The site notes that Abbott’s own family is like a lot of Texas families, including Anglo as well as Hispanic and other ethnic backgrounds mixed happily together.


Wendy Davis’ campaign seems to think that Abbott going on the offensive relatively early is a sign of weakness. But their take reveals a fundamental problem in the Davis campaign.

Zac Petkanas from the Davis campaign said there is a reason why Abbott’s campaign launched their website so early in the campaign.

“Well, Greg Abbott has a lot of ground to make up — not only with the Latino community, but with voters from across the country,” Petkanas said.

As they say on Mythbusters after blowing something to bits, “There’s your problem right there!” Unless his quote is a tacit nod to secession, Petkanas seems to think that attracting voters “across the country” will somehow help Wendy Davis win the Texas governor’s race.

Mr. Petkanas is the Davis campaign’s recent import. He comes from Harry Reid’s operation in Nevada, brought in to bail out her sinking ship. So maybe he doesn’t understand how things work in Texas. Davis’ campaign has done more than its share of fundraising outside the state, which is perfectly legal if not entirely wise given Texans’ natural resistance to the extreme politics that dominate the leftwing enclaves where Davis gets her cash. But if Petkanas et al are counting on voters “from across the country” to put them over the top in Texas in November, well, they’re welcome to maintain that delusion.



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