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Happy(?) 1 Year Anniversary, GOP 2012 'Autopsy'

Gosh, has it already been a year since the Republican Party establishment took almost four months to say, “We really blew that one”?

One year ago, a frank Republican Party assessment of why it came up short in the 2012 presidential election included a stark recommendation.

Embrace and champion comprehensive immigration reform, the post-mortem authors urged, or get used to a party whose appeal “will continue to shrink to its core constituents only.”

That bold assertion was decidedly offstage Monday, as the party orchestrated a full-on media effort to mark advances it says it’s made as a result of recommendations contained in the 2013 Growth and Opportunity Project report.


As this is a mainstream media assessment of the report, “progress” is almost solely related to comprehensive immigration reform, the focus on which will lea the GOP to its final autopsy.

Of course, that’s what the press an the Democrats want.

There are a great many things the party needs to do to win the White House back but a purely pandering “compromise” on immigration that only benefits the Democrats isn’t one of them. Does immigration policy in America need some work? Most definitely. However, none of the comprehensive approaches floated thus far have adequately addressed the need to stop the porosity at the border with Mexico first.

The leftmedia knows that this is a no-win path for the Republicans, which is why they keep pushing it. Sadly, many of the GOP leaders read too much of this crap. Boehner began this session by chasing the immigration reform squirrel but those evil Tea Party crazies who don’t know anything about strategy convinced Johnny Orange that he might want to focus on Obamacare this election year.


Which is exactly what the leftmedia does not want the Republicans talking about.

One day the higher-ups will learn to look at that for direction.

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