Caddell: 'The government in Washington has decided to surrender the country'

Pat Caddell is a Democrat and was President Jimmy Carter’s pollster, but he has once again aimed direct and sharp criticism at the Obama administration. On Fox Sunday night, he ripped the Obama administration for its decision to give up US control of the Internet, which the US invented. Caddell says the decision fits a longstanding pattern not just within the Obama administration, but within the Democratic Party as a whole.


“Let’s understand something,” Caddell said. “They do what they do all the time, which is surrender whatever advantages the country has – whichever advantages, wherever we dominate – their idea is  – we should get out, we should lead from behind, we should give it up, and just like they let Eastern Europe go, they’re letting the Internet go….This government in Washington, and I hate to say, our party, has decided to surrender the country. The Internet is just part of it.”

h/t Nice Deb


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