Wendy Davis Campaign Morphs into Team Reid to Minimize the Texas Democrats' Amateurism

This post at the DMN’s Trailblazers blog makes for delicious reading.

It’s no secret that the Wendy Davis campaign has struggled — especially with efforts to advance its message in the media. Campaign operatives failed to properly vet her political biography, advancing a incomplete (and in some cases inaccurate) version of her trailer park-to-Harvard Law School personal story. And the Davis communications shop bungled Davis’ speech aimed at setting the record straight, inexplicably barring virtually the entire press corps from the speech last month. The campaign initially hired young and inexperience campaign operatives, who in some cases shielded Davis from interviews, refused to confirm basic campaign scheduling details and failed to respond directly with information reporters covering the race had requested. Earlier, the campaign sent reporters to the wrong addresses. The campaign has been battered by criticism, not the least of which has come from top Democratic donors asking why the Davis gubernatorial effort has been so inadequate.


Well, it’s been so inadequate largely because Texas Democrats’ coalition consists of young and non-housebroken juiceboxers who lack adult supervision, and because Davis herself is an inadequate candidate. Regarding the lack of adult supervision, just go here and marvel. Progress Texas dragged Benghazi into their tweet rants defending their weird photoshops of Abbott, which was a ghastly move given the fact that the president they support blamed that fatal terrorist attack on a YouTube movie.

Davis is a one-issue candidate and her strident support for late-term abortion probably would not win her all that much in a blue state, if she had no other issues to run on. But in Texas? Nah.

Davis simply has nothing to run on, so she is playing the victim card when she isn’t a victim of anything at all. That also will not play well to a majority in Texas. We’re the state that still runs around quoting Davy Crockett and Sam Houston. We’re not into phony victimhood. As long as Democrats fail to figure that out, among a number of other truths about Texas, they will continue to lose elections here.

Trailblazers reports that Team Davis is becoming Team Harry Reid. Davis is bringing in Zac Petkanas to repair her sinking ship. Petkanas is a former top aide to one Sen. Harry Reid, the sharply partisan Democrat hatchet man who launches baseless accusations against Republicans for fun and profit. So expect Davis’ campaign to suddenly turn very nasty and send up a barrage of smears at Greg Abbott.



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