These People Know How 'Game of Thrones' Will End.

You’ll learn a couple of things from this Vanity Fair piece. One, George R. R. Martin really does know what happens to the universe of Game of Thrones and everyone within it. Two, being a Democrat president who talks endlessly about “equality” has its unequal advantages.


In the April issue of Vanity Fair, on stands March 13, show co-creator David Benioff tells Windolf, “Last year we went out to Santa Fe for a week to sit down with him [Martin] and just talk through where things are going, because we don’t know if we are going to catch up and where exactly that would be. If you know the ending, then you can lay the groundwork for it. And so we want to know how everything ends. We want to be able to set things up. So we just sat down with him and literally went through every character.” Martin tells Windolf, “I can give them the broad strokes of what I intend to write, but the details aren’t there yet. I’m hopeful that I can not let them catch up with me.”

Windolf also asks Benioff and Weiss about the recent rumors that President Obama receives screeners of the show to watch before the general public. In an e-mail, they jointly reply, “One perk of being the most powerful man in the world: yes, you get to see episodes early.”

It’s no secret that if the president was not a celebrity Democrat, GoT’s producers wouldn’t be so friendly. They put the last Republican president’s head on a pike.




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