Two Clear Examples of How Little Concern Liberals Actually Have for People

First, an EVIL KOCH BROTHER dared to give a hospital the largest donation it ever received. Naturally, the party of tolerance cannot let that stand.

Union leaders, NAACP representatives, and even a Democrat city council member were on hand for a protest at a New York City hospital. What was the object of their scorn? A $100 million donation made to the hospital.

That’s right, a $100 million donation to a local hospital drew the ire of liberals in the city.

Why? Because it came from one half of a pair of billionaire brothers who happen to support conservative and libertarian policies.


And here is a compassionate liberal’s heartfelt opposition to a pending gun bill in Indiana:


Sweet, tender, for the children Cindy seems to have had her account temporarily suspended by Twitter. I read her timeline earlier today and it was full of classic hive-mind talking points. That’s right, Cindy isn’t really an anomaly over there.

They are hateful, spiteful people who care not one whit for anyone they say they do. They care only about power. And we shouldn’t let them have any.


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