California Democrats Move To The Far Left Of Reality

The people of the fringe

California Democrats adopted a platform on Sunday calling for an inflation-adjusted minimum wage and an end to solitary confinement in prisons as part of a strongly progressive agenda in a state where the party has gained dominance by moving to the political center.

The platform also called for free preschool for all 4-year-olds and legalization of medical marijuana, measures that have drawn skepticism from Governor Jerry Brown, who remains widely popular as he prepares to run for an unprecedented fourth term after yanking his party toward the middle.


Look at the world around you and consider the mindset of people who think priorities should be the minimum wage, free preschool and pot. California continues to provide a crystal ball peek into the future of the nation as the people responsible for the government spending and bringing the state’s economy to the brink of disaster continue to fiddle while the flames of Rome singe their eyebrows.

Democrats have had a lock on California politics for quite some time now. They can whine all they want about income inequality but their actions prove that it is merely a political talking point rather than an actual concern.


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