Awful News: Putin's Aggression May Delay Obama Vacation

Well, if this doesn’t start a war between Russia and the United States, nothing will. A 2013 GAO report found that President Obama spent twice as much time on vacation as he spent on economic meetings. But his vacation record in 2014 is now seriously threatened. Vlad Putin’s aggression in Crimea may result in a crime against humanity, forcing the oft-vacationing President Obama to be flexible about his upcoming vacay, according to the NYDN.


The ongoing crisis between Ukraine and Russia has placed President Obama’s family vacation plans in jeopardy, according to a new report.

Obama and the First Lady were scheduled to head to Miami on Friday for an event focusing on education, Politico reported, and the couple’s daughters were planning to join them afterward for a weekend trip in the area.

But, due to the continuing international crisis sparked by Russia’s troops moving into Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula, the first family may have to cancel their trip.

The humanity!


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