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Harry Reid: Republicans Are 'Addicted to Koch'

The Senate Majority Leader is acting up again. Harry Reid leveled a charge at Republicans that that could easily be leveled more accurately at the Democrats.

The week after claiming on the Senate floor that an organization funded by David and Charles Koch lied about health care reform horror stories, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) took another shot at the wealthy conservative duo on Tuesday.

“Senate Republicans, madame President, are addicted to Koch,” Reid said, employing a double entendre.

Reid went on to accuse the Koch brothers of establishing shadow groups and funneling obscene amounts of money into campaigns in order to effectively buy democracy.


That’s exactly what left-wing billionaire George Soros does. He builds and funds all kinds of groups that generate media hits from the left, in support of a number of left-wing causes including extreme anti-war agitators with ties to Communist groups. Democrats like Reid never say a word about convicted felon Soros, even though he spends far more money on politics than the Koch brothers do. And is a convicted felon.

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