Lawless Obama White House to Announce 30th Obamacare Delay

Nothing in the Affordable Care Act’s thousands of pages allows the White House to delay parts of the law for political purposes. But that has not stopped the Obama White House from announcing delay after delay, and the Hill reports that as soon as this week, the White House will announce yet another delay.


Like the previous delays, this one will be tied directly to politics and the fortunes of Democrats, not the millions of Americans who are being hurt by the Democrats’ law.

The new directive will allow insurers to keep offering health plans that do not meet Obamacare’s minimum standards. The president has described those plans as “bad apples,” but for political reasons they’re good enough for now.

The delay would push cancellation notices past this year’s mid-term elections. Had the delay not been implemented, insurers would have been mailing out cancellations around the beginning of October, just a few weeks before the election. The delay may push those cancellations not just past this fall’s mid-term election, but past Obama’s entire second term.

While the president is moving to protect his Democrat allies in Congress, his administration is still fighting to force Christian business owners and even a group of nuns to comply with the Obamacare abortifacient drug mandate.


An estimated 6.2 million Americans have lost their health insurance directly because of Obamacare, so far. The laws mandate on employers has already been delayed past this year’s mid-term elections. Once it goes into effect, it is expected to disrupt coverage for potentially tens of millions of Americans.


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