Russia Tells U.S. to Kiss Off with Kerry's 'Unacceptable Threats'

The Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement today slamming Secretary of State John Kerry’s “unacceptable threats” to the federation, accusing him of “not bothering to attempt to understand the complex processes taking place in Ukrainian society and objectively assess the situation.”


The Russians said “the U.S. and its allies turned a blind eye” at the “radical extremists” with “anti-Semitic militant Russophobia” demonstrating in the Euromaidan pro-Democracy protests. The statement accused the new government in Kiev of “actually declaring war on Russian language and all that is associated with Russia.”

“Russia is interested in a stable and strong Ukraine, which provided the legal rights and interests of Ukrainians, and all our fellow citizens,” the MFA said, adding that their invasion of Crimea “is not our fault.”

Instead, the MFA continued, they acted on an “extraordinary situation” and are waiting for “the formation of a legitimate government of national unity in the interests of all the political forces and the country’s regions.”

Not long after this statement was issued, the White House said that Vice President Joe Biden rang the Kremlin.

“Vice President Biden called Russian Prime Minister Dmitriy Medvedev this morning, following the Prime Minister’s discussion with Ukrainian Prime Minister Yatsenyuk over the weekend,” said a readout of the call. “The Vice President urged Russia to pull back its forces, support the immediate deployment of international monitors to Ukraine, and begin a meaningful political dialogue with the Ukrainian government.”

Yesterday, the G-7 — Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States — joined with the EU to issue a statement condemning Russia.


“We note that Russia’s actions in Ukraine also contravene the principles and values on which the G-7 and the G-8 operate.  As such, we have decided for the time being to suspend our participation in activities associated with the preparation of the scheduled G-8 Summit in Sochi in June, until the environment comes back where the G-8 is able to have meaningful discussion,” the statement said.

“We are united in supporting Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and its right to choose its own future. We commit ourselves to support Ukraine in its efforts to restore unity, stability, and political and economic health to the country. To that end, we will support Ukraine’s work with the International Monetary Fund to negotiate a new program and to implement needed reforms. IMF support will be critical in unlocking additional assistance from the World Bank, other international financial institutions, the EU, and bilateral sources.”



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